Solar Flares Caused The Last Ice Age
Uploaded By Dan Schwartz
Today we are experiencing a weird experience that has not affected our planet since before humans had records or historical knowledge. A solar flare hit Canada (as we tilt north in the summer periods) and has pushed the air of smoke from north -> south. This has caused our thermostats and technology to misunderstand our temperatures and misinform the public about what the true temperature is outside. As we begin this next chapter, let's discuss global warming, and the need to not reduce greenhouse gas, but be precise with where and how we burn it. We should be burning it on the Northern Hemiphere, and we shouldn't be burning it in the southern hemisphere. We need to protect our people and our planet and stop listening to outdated science or language minds that do not understand the true depth of where and who we are today. 🖤🧬🌎♾️

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