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Green Juice Drinks + Healthy Living
Uploaded By Dan Schwartz
2023 is a year of healthier lifestyle choices. My close girlfriend recommended a few ways to improve my habits, one which was to substitute  Green Juice or a Protein Shake for at least 1 meal everyday. I have to admit, even in just a few weeks, the results are noticable, shocking, and very exciting! I have more energy, I feel happier, and could not be more pleased with how my overall body feels.I've also noticed my appetite is smaller, and at other mealtimes driven towards craving healthier food choices. I have also seen better results in the gym, and I'm sleeping better at night.Who knew such a small adjustment could be so rewarding! I highly recommend giving it a try, even for a week or two as a detox from higher fat or unhealthy foods. #healthyeating #diet#juicing#fitness#littlechanges#brainfood#healthyappetite

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